What is The Commune?
We're a group of gamers, and we're always looking for new gamers to join us. Every month or so, we pick a game to play. We chat about the game together, and we record podcasts, record videos, and write essays. You can reach The Commune in the following ways: As for me, I'm Greg Livingston, but I go by Golem. I organize things around here.


I started gaming with the Game Boy Advance, which I got with Pokémon Crystal. Since then, I've always been a Nintendo fan. Some of my favorite games are Mario World, Brawl, and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, but it's pretty hard to decide on a favorite since there's so many games I love...
I'll play most kinds of games as long as they're good, but some of my favorite genres are platformers and rhythm games. I play mostly Nintendo games, but I'm open to other games too, and I'm also more of a console gamer; I rarely play PC games except for the occasional smaller Steam download. I don't really care for most sports games, MMORPGs/MOBAs, most FPSes or more realistic racing games, but I enjoy most other genres.


Sep 17, 2016
StarTropics challenges the player with stiff but simple controls.
May 23, 2016
Video games use sound and music in many unique ways, from gameplay backup to mood setting and more.
Mar 22, 2016
In Undertale, is the choice between peace and war interesting?
Dec 18, 2015
Long Live the Queen revolves around managing Princess Elodie's state of mind. How do you prioritize each state, and how do you learn what's useful?
Aug 28, 2015
Splatoon's ink system promotes an indirect sense of interplay--instead of just shooting at each other, you can also shoot at something between the two of you.
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