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Interview with Stomp Team

About the game Stomp.
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Recorded on Jul 24, 2015
Uploaded on Jul 28, 2015
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Tags: Gamescape Gamescape 2015
In Stomp, players control a monster (to be precise, a kaiju) from a scrolling overhead view. Their goal is to demolish as many buildings as possible while avoiding gas stations and collecting powerups.rnrnFor more information and updates on Stomp follow their Facebook or Wordpress page.rnrnIn this interview, the Stomp team covers what influences the range of what the player can control, including motion control and procedural generation. Additionally, they explain gameplay from the perspective of seeking a high score. These are two subjects The Commune talked about during our discussions on Bal Cube. In episode 41, we talk about what the player can and cannot control in Bal Cube. In episode 42, we talk about achieving high scores in Bal Cube.

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