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Superhero League of Hoboken

Started on Dec 1, 2014
Ended on Jan 31, 2015
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A blend of point-and-click adventuring with RPG combat. Can you brave post-apocalyptic New Jersey?

Tags: humor MS-DOS adventure RPG


Jan 27, 2015
Superhero League of Hoboken combines point-and-click adventures with an RPG world and combat. Do the two genres blend successfully?
Mar 16, 2015
Players can traverse wide expanses in Superhero League of Hoboken, looking for just the right solution to the game's many point-and-click puzzles. What rules guide the player's exploration, and how do the clues come together?

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Jan 11, 2015
From Adrian
Commune member Adrian plays through Superhero League of Hoboken, offering his gameplay commentary and insight as he goes.

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Jan 11, 2015
In chapter 10 (page 172), author Richard Rouse III interviews Superhero League of Hoboken designer Steve Meretzky about his career and approach to game design. Skip to page 191 for questions specifically relating to Superhero League of Hoboken.