Initial stage scrolling speed (pixels per frame):

What would you like to spawn?
The long-rumored tool. Using this, you can click on objects to view all of their details and apply modifications.

Unclickable objects:
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You will need JavaScript on to use this editor. Additionally, you will need to allow prompts.

If a space is blank, click it to spawn an object. The object that is spawned will match the settings you've chosen at the top right.

If a space already has an object, you will need to select the Object Editor to change the object in that space or the Object Deleter to delete the object in that space.

Use the up and down arrow keys to change phases. Note that negative phases appear as soon as the player spawns in the stage.

Once you have completed a stage, copy the text from the "Stage file:" area below. Paste it in a text file. Then, click the link below (it says "Take me back to the game!"). Copy your text out of that file and paste it in the "Paste in a stage to load:" area.

Take me back to the game!

Stage file: