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Metal Black Interplay

Written by Golem
About the game Metal Black
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Posted on Sep 16, 2015
Interplay describes how elements in the game react to your mechanics. For instance, if you shoot something, how does it react?

Below, I've excluded interplay based strictly on your movement. Some enemies will aim their shots at you, for instance, which is interplay to your movement. (Granted, I have included interplay based on touching an enemy.)

There are also moments of "enemy interplay" (for lack of better term) where enemies react to their environment. For instance, in round 3, the ray midboss will latch onto the ground (whether it's the floor or ceiling is based on your movement!), and barriers will extend only after hitting the ground. And then, there's even a backwards case where the environment reacts to an enemy: the caterpillar in round 3 can close that barrier about 3/5 into the stage.
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